6 Easy ways to keep things organized and clutter free at home

6 Easy ways to keep things organized and clutter free at home

Keeping a home clean surely not easy, but a few tips and tricks can work in your favour


Everyone likes to have a home that is neat and tidy. When things are organized people living in the house have a sense of happiness and freshness. Meanwhile, there are people who rely on weekly cleaning and that becomes a long chore to take care of and could take like forever. For those who struggle while keeping the house neat and tidy, here are a few tips that could help.

1. Dust everyday – Instead of dusting every seven days, you can do it everyday and in this way, things would be tidy and you will not have to waste your valuable weekend time doing chores like these.

2. Make your bed immediately – As soon as you wake up, make your bed as soon as you wake up. Doing this will keep your bedroom clutter free and you will not have to come back again to make your bed.

3. Include everyone in the house – Keeping a house clean, is not just a single person’s job, but everyone living in the house. Get everyone involved and distribute the departments and chores. This will not put the entire burden on one person and would help the house be clean.

4. Make a schedule – Make sure that you write down your schedule and follow it. Like if you have fixed a time for the laundry and the dishes, make sure that you don’t skip the time and complete the task as per the schedule.

5. Don’t allow the laundry to pile up – Do not allow your laundry bag to get piled up with soiled clothes. Make sure that you toss them in to the washing machine as soon as the drum is full. Piled up clothes takes more than one cycle on the machine and it could be time consuming.

6. Keep things at their dedicated place – Make sure that you keep things at the dedicated space and in that you will never lose anything like keys or other important objects.

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