DIY Ideas For Using Old Tires As Furniture

DIY Ideas For Using Old Tires As Furniture


This is the age of the millennial – the responsible global citizen who lives in sync with the eco system and therefore preserves the environment as much as he/she can. One of the main waste products that actually cause pollution when they’re just lying around and being used, or worse still, being burnt in the garbage heap is the humble tire.

They come in all shapes and sizes, used for different vehicles from a bicycle to a truck to even a plane! Though when their purpose is fulfilled, they are dumped and forgotten, never to be used again. Thankfully, due to DIY experts and those who love to recycle waste products into something useful and beautiful, we too have come up with some DIY Ideas For Using Old Tires As Furniture. Check it out:

Comfy Chair

A fun idea for seating purposes, a tire can come real handy. All you need is a big size one – the one used for trucks and other heavy vehicles. Just get the innards removed and leave the outer shell for the DIY project. You can use plywood to create a base and the top surface for seating, but if you are a little too lean on the material, then leave it out entirely. Paint the tire to your favorite color and then stuff a big, comfy cushion into the hollow. Voila! You have a harder version of a bean bag waiting for you to laze in. You can you use it outdoors and indoors and none would be the wiser. Another tip? If you have a dog, this comfy chair could be their new “place”.

Coffee Table

Who said that you need to spend hundreds of dollars on a small table in your living room or bedroom? Just take a medium-to-large size tire and a good round piece of wood, cutting it into the same circumference as the rubber wheel. Now, hammer the plank together with the wheel and there you have it – a ready coffee table. You can use varnish for the wood and paint the tire a more sombre color. The choice is yours. This is your project to go have fun with!

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