5 Essentials to be kept in a bathroom

5 Essentials to be kept in a bathroom

A good bathroom needs to have a few basic things to make it more functional


The bathroom is a space that everyone wants to be clean and pleasant. This is the space that requires maximum privacy and maximum comfort. There are times when this space is also important emotionally as we spend some alone time here. In order to make this important space even more user friendly and pleasant , here are a few essentials that you need to have in a bathroom to make it more functional.

1. Garbage bags – This is the thing that makes you most uncomfortable. The wastebasket is the space where you throw unwanted things like sanitary napkins or soap wrappers which you might not feel like touching. Having a recyclable garbage bag in place on the wastebasket will make it convenient for you to throw out the waste.

2. Air fragrance – A bathroom can easily become smelly, especially when you are using it immediately after a person has used it. Make sure that you have a toilet seat sanitizer or a bathroom air fragrance in place so you will not have to smell anything unpleasant.

3. Cotton towels – Make sure that you place some cotton towels in the bathroom which can be used to wipe your hands or wipe the counter, sink or the mirror.

4. Anti-skid bath mats – This is a space that can also become slippery. In order to protect yourself and your family to have an accident, you can place a few anti-skid bath mats in the bathroom which will protect you from falling even when it is wet.

5. Organizer – It is equally important to have a waterproof organizer in the bathroom which will be able to hold all the essentials like soap, shower gel, face wash, shampoo, conditioner and body lotion.

6. A towel ring – A towel ring allows you to hang a hand towel near the washbasin. Make sure that it is rust proof and is a must have in every bathroom.

Photo Credits: Pixabay