4 Budget friendly ways to make you house winter friendly and cozy

4 Budget friendly ways to make you house winter friendly and cozy

Winter time is when you would want to cuddle and curl up and a few changes at home can make it winter friendly


The winter is here and is a time when you would like to just cuddle up on the couch and do nothing and just sip away a hot cup of coffee. This winter is even more different as the pandemic is still on and people are more likely to stay indoors as a measure to not getting themselves infected. This Christmas and New Year is going to be a homely affair for a number of people due to the pandemic. So it is time that you give a minor yet cozy make-over to your house to make it more winter friendly. Here are a few tips to make your personal space warm cozy and inviting.

1. Add a few warm lights in the house – Winter days are short and it is best to brighten up the house with some warm lights. Warm lightings are different from the regular white LED lights and have a slight yellow tinge to it. Adding warm lights changes the entire mood and makes the atmosphere serene, peaceful and silent. Additionally you can also add some low voltage lamps and floor lamps to brighten the dark corners.

2. Make use of heaters or fire pits – Since it is winter time, heaters work like soothers and make you feel comfortable and cozy. Set a place for the heater or a fireplace and spend some quality time over a nice cup of hot coffee with friends and family. The market has different types of fire pits and you can select from the wood burning to the electric ones.

3. Add rugs – You don’t want your feet to touch the cold tiles or the marble flooring. Winter proof them by placing large and small rugs at different places at home. Make sure that they are strategically placed and not just thrown randomly at the corners. Additionally you can also place some thick carpets.

4. Some extra pillows – You can bring some extra pillows for the bed or the sofa in the living room to make it look even more cozy and comfortable.

Photo Credits: Pixabay