5 Easy ways to add some drama and color in your living...

5 Easy ways to add some drama and color in your living room

Pump up and give your living room a make-over by adding some vibrant colors

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Are you bored of having a house with the basic white color on the wall and a basic furniture that does not have any colors and is lifeless. If you are a fan of colors and wish to bring some brightness in to the house then you are at the right spot as here we will be discussing about some of the easy ways to incorporate some vibrant colors in to your living room. Here are a few tips to give your living area an interesting make-over.

1. Bring home a vibrant color floor lamp – A floor lamp might sound a little outdated, but the fact is that you need to be extra experimental while shopping for one. Make sure that you are going for the one that is vibrant and will light up the living room instantly.

2. Just change the color of your couch – Your couch is the main component of the living room. Make sure that you either change your old couch or just add a colorful cover to it that will make it look new and vibrant. It will not just add some color but will also lift up your mood.

3. Bring a rug with geometrical patterns – Abstract and geometrical patterns bring an interesting twist. You can bring in a rug that has an interesting design that has colors that are bold. It will add a unique touch to the living room.

4. Add some cushions that have some dramatic colors – Don’t have to bring in the big ones, but just the small ones that have some bright colors like yellow, turquoise blue, green and orange that will do the magic.

5. Add a chandelier – Again this might sound old school, but adding a dramatic looking chandelier will work like cherry on the top of the ice-cream.

Tip – Make sure that the windows in your living room are open during the day time as it allows natural air and sun light to enter the house.

Photo Credits: Pixabay