6 simple steps to make a DIY rug

6 simple steps to make a DIY rug


Do you think you can make a rug at home? Yes, all you need is some time and few supplies and your kitchen could look like this! So Let’s get started making a  simple DIY (Do It Yourself) rope rug.

DIY Rope Rug

You need:

4 multipattern cotton bedsheets (Experiment with color and pattern)

Fabric Scissors


Clothesline rope -3/4 bundles

Standard Sewing machine

Getting the fabric ready

Step 1: Get started by spreading out bedsheets on a flat surface. Mark out points within 2” intervals across the long end of the bedsheet using the marker. Make a 3” cuts at each marker point with the scissors.

Getting the fabric ready

Step 2: Once done, tear the bedsheet evenly into strips of 2”. Arrange fabric strips as per color and pattern

Making the rope

Wrapping the rope

Step 3: Start wrapping the fabric around the clothesline rope in a circular fashion. Ensure the fabric adequately covers the rope without gaps. Once a foot long rope is wrapped, run it across a sewing machine fitted with a heavy needle and longest stitch length, sew the rope and fabric together.

Tip: As sewing continues keep the machine needle in the rope and wrap the fabric at a slight angle/diagonally

Making the ropeStep 4: Continue till about 10” of wrapped & sewn rope is ready with one fabric pattern. Repeat with remaining 3 fabrics without cutting the rope.

Stitch the rope rug together

Stitching the rug

Step 5: Start coiling the fabric rope clockwise to form a circle. Stitch together with zigzag setting so that the ropes are sewn together. Add circles & change fabric prints as the rug getts bigger

Tip: Make sure the rope is steadily coiled without pulling it, this will keep the rug from curling up. Use a large table to support the rug as it gets bigger

Step 6: Then secure the loose end of the wrapped rope and stitch it down the middle of the rug using the zig-zag stitch.

Tip: To fix mild wavy portions and curls on the rug, iron it out with the high steam setting on.

And Voila! You have a beautiful rope rug to adorn your living room or bedroom.


Estimate time taken for a 30″ rope rug: 6 hrs

Photo Credits & Source: ABeautifulMess