Home improvements that might not make your neighbors happy

Home improvements that might not make your neighbors happy

Home improvements can be exiting for you but a pain in the neck for your neighbors

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Bringing improvements at home is a sign of progress and brings excitement among people. But sometimes certain things that you are doing might not be pleasant for your neighbors. There are a number of factors like loud noises and mess around the locality that can annoy the people around you. Here are a few home improvements that might not make your neighbors happy.

1. Lengthy projects – The most annoying about home renovations and improvements is when it stretches for too long. The dumpster, construction fence, landscaping, portable toilets can remain there forever if the project stretches for too long. It is wise to be mindful of how long the project will take. Avoid unnecessary delays.

2. Too tall fence – A fence allows for privacy, but if the fence is installed too high especially when it is higher than the neighbor’s then you could invite a fight. It could block the sunlight or block the view that your neighbors had once enjoyed.

3. Too much lighting – Although it sounds like a good idea to place some exterior lights around your home, but it can cause trouble to your neighbors. Make sure that you remain careful about the dawn-to-dusk lights which have motion sensors. It could be facing away from where you sleep, but they could light up the neighbor’s bedroom.

4. Bright exterior colors – If you are living in the Carribean or in Florida, then it is good to paint your exterior walls with a bright color, but if not then it is better that you color your interiors with the colors that you want. The Home Owners Association says that all homes on the block must be colored beige.

5. Congested and noisy construction site – It is never possible to do a construction or a renovation without making some noise. But you can work with the contractor to limit the noise and work when the traffic on the street is busiest. Also make sure that you confirm with local ordinances.

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