5 Tips to make your home summer ready

5 Tips to make your home summer ready

Summer time is when you need to make a few easy changes to make it cooler


Summer is here and this is the time the heat is going to take over and make you feel uncomfortable in your own house. However, this is also a time when you can make a few changes inside your house to make it summer friendly. Although being in an air-conditioned room helps to escape the summer heat, but that would mean a heavy electricity bill. There are cheaper ways to keep your house cool naturally without leaving a hole in your pocket.

1. Add the blackout curtains – Blackout curtains are usually made of thick fabric that helps to block the sunlight from the windows. Such curtains help to provide natural insulation as the heat from the sunlight gets blocked. Make sure that you select a neutral color that helps to reduce the sunlight heat by 33 percent.

2. Use a chillow instead of a pillow – A chillow can be used during the summer time. It is a chilled rubber bottle that can be placed behind your back or at your feet for immediate coolness. You could alternatively also dampen the sheets a bit or keep them in the freezer for a while before you spread it out.

3. Change your sheets – Make sure that you change your bedding as per season. Use bed sheets of flannel , cotton or fleece material that helps the skin to breathe and is also a great way to have the kind of insulation needed during the season. Alternatively you could also use the buckwheat pillow that helps to remain light and fresh.

4. Night time natural air – When the temperature is high in the day time, the temperature usually drops during the night. You can keep the windows open to allow fresh and natural air to come in but make sure that you close the windows before the room gets heated up with the day time heat.

5. Manage lights – Make sure that you give up using the regular CFLs or compact fluorescent lights that create unnecessary heat in the house.

Photo Credits: Pixabay