Make a DIY lace window screen in 3 simple steps

Make a DIY lace window screen in 3 simple steps


Glam up your room with this chic  DIY lace window screen. If you want to try out something unique or need an intelligent window styling solution that efficiently allows for air & light to pass through without shutting out the beautiful view outside, you need to try this out!

This DIY (Do It Yourself) technique and the beautiful lace will turn your room into a dream. I’m sure your guest will want to emulate your lace window screen.

Supplies needed:

A tight knit lace cloth (measured to your window dimension)

Staple gun

Rotary cutter (Scissors could also be used to cut out excess lace)

laceStep 1: Choose good quality lace so that it doesn’t easily tear off when you use staple pins to fasten it to the window. This lace is easily available in your local market. Cut out the lace cloth to approximately match your window pane’s dimensions. Excess cloth can be cut away later so let there be an overflow of cloth on each side.

staple gunStep 2: Use a staple gun and begin stapling the perimeter of the lace to the window frame. Ensure you pull the lace cloth tight so that it does not sag at any point. Make sure you handle the lace with care since there is a high possibility of it tearing off.

Tip: Having someone help you hold up the lace cloth on the window while you staple the edges will make it much easier.

Step 3: Cut out any extra cloth from over the edges using a rotary cutter or scissors. The rotary cutter is better since it gives a neat & clean finish to your window panes.

Here’s the new look to your window!

lace screen view

Photo Credits: Radical Possibility