DIY chair and cushion cover – Make it in 3 easy steps

DIY chair and cushion cover – Make it in 3 easy steps


Glam up your living room with this simple DIY chair and cushion cover. Tired of the same old drab dining set sitting in your living room? Well, you’d be certain to add up some beauty to your dining area with these DIY (Do It Yourself) chair covers and cushions. Looks like somebody’s got a DIY weekend project! 🙂

Step 1: Supplies

DIY Cushion cover-faux fur
-cotton fabric
-pillow inserts
-canvas trim

Step 2: Make Cushions

Take ready-made cushions of the size of your dining chairs and use them as pillow inserts for the vinyl cover. We’ve chosen vinyl since its easy to wipe and maintain unlike cloth. You could alternatively use cloth cover also.

So to begin with, cut out your vinyl sheets an inch bigger in size than the cushion and stitch them up on all four corners inside- out along with canvas threads.

Now flip your vinyl cover right side out and  insert your cushion into it which would look some what like this. Steadfast the cushion to the chair using the vinyl thread.

DIY chair covers

Step 3: Making the Faux fur cover

Decide on how long you want your cover to be and accordingly take measurements of the chair. The measurement used here is 18″x 44″. Now carefully cut out the faux fur fabric keeping the scissor as close as possible otherwise you will end up shedding the fur. Switch a cloth on the back side of the faux fur along with canvas threads.

Again fasten the faux fur cover to the chair using the canvas threads. And this is the transformation your dining area would get!

You can use other types of fabric of your choice to make a similar chair cover for your chairs. It can be used even for sofa covers, fridge tops or kid’s bed. I’m sure your guests would be fascinated with these faux fur covers. They are unique and different.

Photo credits & source: abeautifulmess