8 steps to creative DIY white curtains

8 steps to creative DIY white curtains


Spruce up your windows with a DIY (Do It Yourself) white curtain! White curtains could probably be the best choice for your home when you don’t want to block natural light; however they could also make your home look boring and pale. What can we do make your room look bright and ‘trendy’?

White Dot curtains

Here’s a quick DIY projecy to make white curtains look great!

Supplies needed:

-Thin white fabric for curtain panels

-Fabric scissors and straight pins

-White fabric paint

-Foam circle pouncers (Martha Stewart 32243 Foam Pouncers)

Getting the Curtain panel fabric ready

Bottom hem

Step 1: As a thumb rule, when you cut out curtain fabric, the width should measure 1.5 times the window width and breadth should be (window breadth)+4.5” (we account 2” for the top rod pocket and 2.5” for the bottom hem)

Cut the fabric evenly though the center to split it into 2 halves/panels. Each panel fabric will cover one side of the window pane

Step 2:  Fold 1.5” across the shorter end of the panel and sew it. Iron the hem once before moving ahead

Step 3: Take the hem, make another 2” fold and iron the fold properly

Step 4: Now mark out ¼” from the inside edge of the fold and sew down the hem to create pocket for the top rod from which the curtain will hang

Dabbing the curtain with dots

Now comes the fun part!

Using foam pouncer

Step 5: For the bottom hem, turn in 1” and iron it to secure the fold. Turn in another 1” again. Press the folds together and sew across the inside edge of the fold with about ¼” spacing at the end

Step 6: Pour out some white fabric paint on a tray or cardboard and dab your foam circle pouncers on it. Ensure you have laid out a plastic sheet or cardboard on the floor before spreading out your curtain panel fabric on the floor

Step 7: Dip the pouncer onto the paint tray/ cardboard till its saturated and then dab the curtain panel fabric starting at its bottom end. Make as many dots until pouncer has adequate paint and then refill pouncer but dipping it into pain

Step 8: Predetermine how far up you want the dots to go starting from the bottom end. Dab the pouncer making dots close to each other at the bottom and then make smaller dots or  space out the dots as you move up the panel fabric. Dab the white dots till about midway through the curtain fabric

Tip: Once you’ve created as many dots as needed, pick up the fabric and place it on another cardboard to dry. Do this before the paint dries up or else the fabric will end up sticking to the cardboard/plastic below, making it a mess

Feel free to experiment with different colored dots or use dots of multiple sizes to give a playful look to your window pane!

Photo Credits and Source: A beautiful Mess