Three easy tips to bring a fresh vibe in your personal space...

Three easy tips to bring a fresh vibe in your personal space under a budget

If you are bored of your same old personal space, bring some freshness with the help of a few easy tips on a budget


Your personal space should depict your personality. You could get bored of the same arrangements, furniture, set up and things inside your room and it could not always be possible for a renovation as it could cost a lot on your pocket. But if you still insist on bringing a few changes in your personal space and dont have a big budget, here are a few inexpensive ways to bring a new look to your room.

1. Include a few indoor plants in your room – Including plants are a great way to add some refreshment to your personal space. Make sure that you select indoor plants that will bring a warm and a comforting vibe to your room. Place them at an area that seem dull and boring. Make sure that you water them as and when needed. Also make sure that you don’t keep them in a humid area where there is no sunlight. Do not over water them and also give them timely manure that is easily available in any plant nursery.

2. Rearrange your furniture – If you cannot buy new furniture, then you can at least re-arrange your furniture. Change the position of your bed, rearrange the seating area and include a few bean bags, small chairs and couches to bring a fresh feel to your space. You can also include a few candles or some interesting artifacts if you are an art lover. Adding color with the help of small cushions can also do the magic.

3. Change the curtains – You do not have to opt for the fancy expensive curtains that will make a hole in your pocket. There are also inexpensive curtains that can brighten up your room and bring a colorful change. Make sure that you select pastel or light colors for the curtains. Dark colors will make the room dull and dark and will also block the sunlight from entering the room.

Photo Credits: Pixabay