5 Easy ways to renovate your home on a budget

5 Easy ways to renovate your home on a budget

If you are tight with a budget but still wish to have a fresh feel at home, a few tips can help


A number of people are working from home and are spending majority of their time with their families indoors. With the amount of time spent at home, there are all the chances that people might have got bored of the atmosphere at home and might be longing to bring a few changes with a few renovations. But when the budget is tight, it becomes tough to make major renovations possible. Despite the situation, here we will be discussing about a few ways you can bring about a few changes in a budget and make your house stand out.

1. Include indoor plants – While many might have a feeling that plants are tough to maintain, indoor plants need less to no maintenance. A number of celebrities too swear by including indoor plants at home and it helps to lighten up and brighten up the place without much efforts and money.

2. Wall painting/ pictures – You do not have to spend on an antique or an expensive piece of art, but even a simple painting or a high resolution picture of yourself and your family can light up the walls. You can also go the classic way and select a fabric painting to frame it.

3. Change your curtains and cushions – Another innovative way to bring a change, is by changing your curtains and add some color to it. You do not have to select the expensive ones, but there are also a number of inexpensive options available. For the hallway, you can select sheer and light fabric.

4. Scented candles – Scented candles not just add color to the ambience, but also smell good. They make your space look and feel luxurious and are inexpensive.

5. Add profile lights – Profile lights are something that are in these days and do not cost much. It is easy to be installed in the false ceiling and can be customized as per your choice.

Photo Credits: Pixabay