6 Things not to store in a bathroom

6 Things not to store in a bathroom

Bathroom is a place with plenty of humidity and moisture and is not an ideal place for storing certain things


A bathroom is a space that has plenty of moisture. There are a number of things that people keep inside the space for convenience, but still there are a number of things that one should refrain from keeping. Here are few bathroom blunders that you must avoid but not keeping certain things.

1. Towels – A number of bathrooms have linen closets, where people tend to store bath towels or bathrobes. But the fact is that the place has a humid environment that has plenty of moisture around. The towels can develop molds due to constant exposure to moisture and bacteria.

2. Toothbrushes – This might also surprise many the bathroom is a place where many have their toothbrush holders installed. But again, this can be a breeding place for bacteria. Every time the toilet is flushed, the bacteria is released in the air and the humidity in the bathroom can allow the bacteria to multiply quickly. It is best to store them outside the bathroom or a medicine cabinet.

3. Medicines – The bathroom is not the ideal environment for keeping prescription medications. Even the instructions on the pill boxes mention that they should be stored in a clean and dry place. It is best to keep them in a dry box outside the bathroom.
4. Tampons – Tampons and other sanitary products should be protected from moisture as a damp environment can cause mold and bacteria to develop. It is OK if they are stored for a short period of time, but not on a regular basis.

5. Electronics – Electronics kept in a moist environment can become potentially dangerous. They have metal components that can rust and erode when exposed to humidity.

6. Make-up – Cosmetic products are also sensitive to moisture and the damp make-up sponges can become a breeding place for mold. Even the personal fragrances like perfumes and cologne can lose their fragrance if stored in a humid place.

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